Yoga Sutra Album
Sandals for Yoga Sutra   

1. Introduction to Album and PDF Educational Tool  LISTEN TO THIS
2. Key Yoga Sutra Verses in Fast Sanskrit Recitation (Classical Oral Tradition) SAMPLE 3. Yoga Sutra Verses in Slowly Enunciated Sanskrit  SAMPLE
4. Didactic Lesson: Anatomically Correct Pronunciation of Sanskrit Language 
5. Definitions & Pronunciation Pearls for Yoga Philosophy Terms
6. Rationale for Dual Translations of Each Verse
7. English Translations of Yoga Sutra Verses 
8. BONUS Track: Electronically Super-Slowed Sanskrit Enunciation of Verses  SAMPLE

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This album is intended as an educational aid to yoga teachers and students in the contemporary context.  While it is a sophisticated tool for any student taking yoga to a new level of understanding, the didactics are academic enough for yoga teacher training programs that are seeking a curriculum component of ancient scripture directly related to asana practice as well as "off the mat" philosophy.

Specialized tracks are devoted to teaching: 1) Sanskrit recitation, 2) English translation and 3) refined pronunciation. As a person of Indian origin born in the USA who utilizes yoga in healing work, I wanted to create an accessible Sutra resource using Western didactics.  Therefore, this album approaches pronunciation from different angles; it offers two versions of English translation; and it provides anatomically correct instructions for pronouncing confusing letters.

For further educational purposes, a detailed PDF accompanies this album.  Students who are not native speakers of Indian languages will learn how to quote 25 key verses, and teachers will learn how to convey the elegant yoga insights codified by the sage Patanjali.

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