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Yoga Terms Album Cover   


1. Introduction to Yoga Terminology for Western Students
2. Anatomically Correct Pronunciation of Sanskrit 
3. Pronunciation of Yoga Poses and Pranayama Terms
4. Call-and-response, Chanting and Devotional Singing (Kirtan) Terms
5. Proper Pronunciation of Indian Philosophy Terms Heard in Yoga Classes
6. Pronunciation Pearls for Commonly Mispronounced Terms  SAMPLE

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Pronuncation Grid for Sanskrit (explicated in album track 2)

  Pronunciation Grid


DENTAL pronunciation           CEREBRAL (retroflex) 

Tongue brushes the distal edges of the top row of teeth


Tongue tip points to the brain (or cerebrum) by flexing back.  Because the tongue flexes back, this type of sound production is also known as retroflex.





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