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April 2011 Newsletter
1. Cross-cultural exchange on Trauma Recovery and Mindfulness with Tibetans: Dukar Project
2. Audio excerpts from my World Bank presentation on working cross-culturally and ethically

November 2010 Newsletter
1. Healing the Trauma of Islamophobia and Cultural Scapegoating
2. My Workshops and Teleconferences on Mitigating anti-Muslim Backlash

May 2010 Newsletter
1. My brother Dr. Koonj Shah serving in Haiti as a physician volunteer
2. Audio excerpts from my presentation "Cultural Sensitivity in Disaster Response"

February 2010 Newsletter
1. Audio demonstration on pronouncing the word "Avatar" and its meaning
2. My albums teaching the pronunciation of yoga postures and Yoga Sutra verses

December 2009 Newsletter
1. Federal contract: Work with Civilian Response Corps
2. Video: Difference between Burnout and Vicarious Trauma
3. NPR interview: Trauma and its Effect on Special Populations

March 2009 Newsletter
1. Effect of Nov 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks
2. My Programs in Mumbai for Trauma Recovery and Resiliency

December 2008 Newsletter
1. Introducing Greenleaf Integrative Strategies
2. My Albums available on iTUNES and Amazon